Selling with Chestnut Park

Selling with Chestnut Park

Choosing the right agent to represent your interests is one of the most important decisions you'll make when selling your home and valued asset. While selling can be a complicated endeavor, especially in today's evolving marketplace, the advice and support you receive makes the most significant difference in the results you should expect.

When listing with Chestnut Park Real Estate, you can be assured that you are paired with an expertly trained Real Estate Sales Representative who will prepare and market your property with extensive reach locally and cast to a wide network of prospective local and international buyers. Our hyper-focused, innovative, strategic marketing across the digital landscape will ensure that your property is seen, not only locally, but throughout our large community of colleagues and peers in the many markets we service.

Committed to delivering valueMarketing a property requires knowledge and skill


Price your property

Local knowledge of home values and expertise in pricing are important assets in obtaining the highest price for your house. Our Agents access the latest trends and data with concrete information on closed sales over the preceding six months, average days on market, recent trends in listing vs closing prices and competitive listings.


Enhance the desirability
of your property

Help buyers envision their future life in your home. Our Agents share years of experience in the optimum positioning of residential properties for sale, including guidance on minor repairs, cosmetic renovations, painting, lighting, and landscaping.


Success through
tailored marketing

Chestnut Park Agents know how to target the right audience, across the most effective channels. Your property will gain valuable exposure through custom marketing & advertising campaigns across mainstream media, real estate portals, broker networks, direct mail, social media and international real estate networks.

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