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Twenty Questions with Stefan Brogren, King of Canada’s Degrassi Franchise About His Trinity Bellwoods Neighbourhood

You probably remember him as ‘Snake from Degrassi‘ and boy has he probably heard a lot of that, but as the only actor to appear in every season of the Degrassi franchise, Stefan Brogren has become a straight up Canadian television icon. More recently adding producing and directing to his list of Degrassi duties, Stefan can most often be found on set dispensing the secrets to his long and fruitful career. Off duty, he loves to stick close to home and enjoy all the culture, creativity, and comfort that his Trinity Bellwoods neighbourhood provides. Here, he shares some of his favourite spots…


Best independent coffee shop:

White Squirrel



Best comfort food:




Best place to buy unique/fun gifts:

Magic Pony



Where he picks up food on the run:

Porchetta & Co.



Best yoga:

Downward Dog



Stefan’s zen spot:

Trinity Bellwoods Park



His favourite dog park:

Also…Trinity Bellwoods Park



Best people watching:

You guessed it; Trinity Bellwoods Park!



Where Stefan swings by before hosting a dinner party:

The Healthy Butcher



Best place that has been around forever and ever:

Old York Bar and Grill



What spot, venue, boutique or space makes him most happy?

Lee’s Palace



Best spot for healthy living:




Favourite place for home decor:




Best street for walking:

Queen St. West



Stefan’s favourite gallery:

Diaz Contemporary



Best bar:

A creature of habit…Old York Bar and Grill



Where he’ll always take out of towners:

The Black Hoof



Best take out:

One of a Kind Pasta



Favourite pasta:




Best grocery shopping:

The new Loblaws (@ Queen & Portland)





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